Nos vins de Loire : vins blancs, rouges rosés, effervescents (mousseux), tranquilles, liquoreux, moelleux, chardonnay, pinot
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Château d'Avrillé

The Château d'Avrillé (in latin means April blossoms) is lolcated in the ancient Romain road which ran from Angers to Poitiers.
The castle which consist of two main buldings dating from the XVI AN XVII Centuries.
In 1367, the MAILLE Family lived in this property of which little remains of the era.
In the 1576, the Cardinal COINTREL bought the property and created the motto in latin on the facade of the castel:

Here conscience and wisdom
For every thing that is driven

In 1779, Mr. LE TOURNEUX DE LA PERAUDIERE DE CANTENAY D'AVRILLE, de beaumont, de la Roche aux Moines, lived in this domaine.
Until 1804, the château d'Avrillé was a pottery manufacturer.
The 28 of March 1938, the BIOTTEAU Family history brgan.
Mr.Eusèbe BIOTTEAU, founder of the wine dynasty, was a cobbler by trade.
However, he was allergic to leather so he decided to make a living out of his other passion: wine and vineyard.

domaine Biotteau

After having learn the art of growing the grapes and making wine, he bought the Château d'Avrillé.
Two separate business are present on the domaine.
The reparation was done as follows: 42 hectares in total hence 17 hectares of vines and 25 hectares of workable land.

Thanks to all the hard work, the BIOTTEAU' s domaine has grown to included 200 hectares of workable farm land.

Pascal, Eusèbe BIOTTEAU' s grandson is carrying on the familly tradition at the Château d'Avrillé.


From a geological standpoint, the region has two dominant profiles: In the West, we find the influence of Parisien Basin, the bottom soil is composed of chalke and the top soil is a mixture of clay-limestone as well as silica. The banks and the bed of the Loire are made up of sand and gravel. Most of our wine is classed AOC (Appelation d'Origine Controlée) except our dry ,white wines: Chardonnay and Sauvignon which are VDPVL ( Vin de Pays du Val de Loire). The main varieties used at our varieties used at our vineyard are the Cabernet Franc , the Cabernet sauvignon, the pinot Noir and,of course, the Chenin for all our sweet white wines.